Hearing Perception Training (HPT)

Training Plan

The training plan contains information for parents and children as well as for adults. It gives you instructions concerning the handling of the devices and how you can best possible integrate the training in your daily routine.

Listening to our specially selected music represent a multimodal stimulus that simultaneously innervate the brain: sensory and emotional, and activates different specialised brain areas.  Regular application of HPT stimulates and enhances the formation of new networks in the brain, a phenomenon which is known as neuroplasticity and which is widely recognised to play an essential role in learning and memory and to promote the recovery from brain damage. Time constrains are highly important for this effect.

The Audiva®  basic principles such as: regularity, daily training in your home or in familiar environment, integration of your hearing training as a ritual in your daily routine are the most important cornerstones of the training success. Practice with the view: if you fail to listen one or two times, there will be no drama. Don’t exert pressure! You can achieve the best result in an environment of voluntary decision. Children should be pointed out to train with loving care.

The  Audiva®  HTP concept will establish structure in the every day life.

The training plan supports you to apply the HWT-device effectively and to achieve the best success  download as PDF.

Our training program includes 2 phases:

Phase A: Music

During this phase, you listen to the music with head-phones via the HPT-device while relaxing or playing. The music in phase A is sensory stimulating and emotional balancing.

Listen 3x a day for 10 minutes or 2x a day for 20-30 minutes up to 60 minutes a day.

In the morning (very effective to start the day):

In bed, during breakfast or after that - the 10 minutes in the morning should not be missed! This stimulus is very effective for children concerning upcoming stressful situations in school or kindergarten.

Wake up, switch the device on, put the headphones on, start the CD player and let start your day with Mozart. We recommend the CDs 1, 2, 4 und 5 from the set AMC S5 for the mornings. Switch on random mode on the CD player in order to create some variety in the playlist.

At noon or in the afternoon

Use your breaks during work or at home to stimulate your brain.  You can listen to the music during lunch  or also during work depending on your activities as well as compensation after work.

after school/kindergarten as recovery from the efforts in the morning and as compensation after school/kindergarten. During lunch or before/during doing homework:

In the evenings (to fall asleep, relax and sleep through the night):

After dinner or to fall asleep in bed.

To fall asleep use CD 3 or CD 6 from our sets (AMC S5 or AMC S7). These CDs offer calm music. (CD 6+7 are part of the set AMC S7. If you own the set AMC S5, you can order further CDs separately for 8,90 EUR each.)

Always keep in mind that no concentration on the music is necessary. You can concentrate on other activities.

Phase B: Language, speech, reading and spelling

Starting from week 7 additional speech exercises with audio books, exercise sheets and microphone are conducted. They have the purpose to improve speech understanding and speech production.

Train at least once a day for minimum 10 minutes. Excecute direct after listening to the music.

Phase B: Language and speech exercises

These exercises should be concucted in case of the following issues. Your child:

  • has a retarded language development.
  • doesn’t understand or misunderstands words and sentences.
  • has an unclear pronunciation.
  • can’t remember what it heard.
  • forgets quickly what it learned.

The last two items were already improved in phase A. Phase B  triggers the consolidation process.

Phase B: Reading and spelling exercises

Starting from the reading age of your child in cases it:

  • does many mistakes in dictations.
  • confuses letters and endings.
  • reads slowly and haltingly.
  • doesn’t like reading at all.
  • doesn’t want to read out loud.
  • has problems with a foreign language.
  • can’t remember vocabulary.


The training plan booklet is included in each delivery independently if you purchase or rent the HPT-device. In case of equipment rental you can keep the brochure and don’t need to send it back.