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HearingPerceptionTraining HPT

Hearing perception training HPT: listening to music (phase A)

Technical equipment: HPT home/praxis/standard/spectrum, headphones, CD player

Training material: music CDs plus toys for children

Application in case of basic functions disorders such as:

  • attention, concentration
  • basic perception, noise sensitivity
  • loudness sensation (with hyperacusis)
  • memory retention, word finding
  • speed of processing/reaction
  • speech comprehension
  • self-awareness and perception of others
  • articulation (dyslalia), grammar (dysgrammatism) (sensoric parts)
  • directional hearing, binaural/dichotic hearing, hearing laterality
  • left/right coordination
  • graphologic motoric (typeface)

Application in case of psychic / emotional indications:

  • low self esteem, anxiety, depression, exclusion, retreat/aggressiveness, traumata
  • symptoms of stress, behavioral disorders, disorders of social competence, burnout
  • psychosomatic, vegetative and neurological disorders (with adjustment of the hearing contents)
  • motivational disorders (motivation depending on content, lack of motivation due to misperformance)

In case of indication of further disorders in the area of speech, respectively in reading or writing, a speech training (phase B) should be conducted additionally:

Hearing perception training HPT with speech (phase B)

Technical equipment: HPT home/praxis/standard/spectrum, microphone(s), headphones, CD player

Training material: audio books and training folders 1 to 5 (pre-school till 8th grade) plus existing training material

Application in case of disorders in speech performance, reading and writing disabilities such as:

  • own and foreign perception
  • phonological consciousness
  • dyslalia, dysgrammatism
  • language acquisition (articulation, grammar, vocabulary)
  • phoneme-grapheme linkage
  • reading and writing ability
  • speech comprehension
  • foreign language acquisition

In the following section you can get more details according to the devices used for the HPT: training devices, CD player, headphones and microphones.

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