Positive experience with application of Audiva® Hearing Perception Training (HPT) since 2007.

Our hearing ability declines with age. The most changes in hearing appears between the ages of 45 and 60, whereby male persons are more affected than female. Reduced hearing affects a person in many ways. It strongly impairs the social life and hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation.

Daily HPT will help you to:

  • Improve your hearing ability
  • Enjoy communication and activities
  • Stay involved with people

If a person is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer Desease our HTP will help to achieve improvement of attention and concentration problems and will increase memorisation.

The HPT addresses the sensory stimulation of hearing perception and activates the related emotional perception. Our HPT-device is connected between a CD player and headphones. It electronically modifies music and speech by using a combination of high tone filtering and sound lateralisation (moving the tone laterally between the ears). Regular application of this method is supposed to stimulate and enhance the formation of new networks in the brain (neuroplasticity) which is widely recognised to play an essential role in learning and memory and to promote the recovery from brain damage.

For our HPT we selected music by Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach. You will experience a pleasant way to gain your hearing ability.

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