Children and parents

Application of Audiva® Hearing Perception Training (HPT) daily at home supports many children since 1992.

The Audiva concept assists you as parent in that way, so that you are able to effectively help your child. Through daily HPT you can achieve:

  • Improvement of attention and concentration problems
  • Awareness elevation
  • Increased memorisation
  • Better tolerance of loud noises
  • Better location of voices and sounds in space

The HPT addresses the sensory stimulation of hearing perception and activates the related emotional perception. Our HPT-device is connected between a CD player and headphones. It electronically modifies music and speech by using a combination of high tone filtering and sound lateralisation (moving the tone laterally between the ears). Regular application of this method is supposed to stimulate and enhance the formation of new networks in the brain (neuroplasticity) which is widely recognised to play an essential role in learning and memory and to promote the recovery from brain damage.

For our HPT, we selected music by Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach. Your child will experiences a pleasant way to promote it’s brain development and balancing.

More about the Hearing Perception Training applied by our HPT-devices, click here.

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Children with hyper/hypo activity can profit by the use of our soundfeebox.

In that case your child will achieve:

  • Improvement of it’s auditive attention
  • Better retentiveness
  • Less reminders to concentrate

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