The harmonious music is a central part of Audiva® auditory perceptual therapy that is heard on the HWT device.
The music provides the sound, which must be necessarily harmonious, since the HWT device amplifies its filtering the radiation emanating from the music effect on the brain.

Criteria of music for use with the HearingPerceptionTrainer (HPT) in music therapy (phase A):

  • Non-intrusive, learning-promoting. You can run parallel alongside cognitive activities.
  • Harmonic melody structure: acts emotionally balancing, uplifting. Mozart is optimal, Bach: Violin Concertos only 1 to 3, Vivaldi: the mandolin concerts. About Mozart is said that he touched people far more deeply than other composers. One speaks of the "Mozart effect".
  • Compositions in the key of DUR are particularly cheerful and happy.
  • Instruments: the most overtone / harmonics is found in the the violin. Therefore violin concertos are at the top in our selection. Furthermore: mandolin, guitar, harp, pan flute, flute, oboe, clarinet and zither.
  • Sounds of nature: for example, quite splashing water, wind...

Things to avoid:

  • "Heavy Music", as described by Mahler, Wagner, Beethoven (partial), Tchaikovsky, etc.
  • Instruments such as wind instruments (horn, trumpet, etc.), and pure piano concertos are not suitable.
  • Monotonous music like pop, folk music, which constantly repeated the same
  • Music with hard or loud singing.
  • Modern forms of music, pop, disco, Rapp ... no beating rhythms!
  • Meditation music is mostly synthetic (synth) and thus unusable for our applications. There are exceptions.
  • no "Classical Music for Children" (commercial compilations usually do not meet our criteria!)

Note: It is not important in music therapy senses whether DDD (fully digital) or ADD (analog source) is available on the CD. The quality of the orchestra and a particularly successful interpretation are more significant.

AMC 1 to 7.

Other suitable kinds of music


Demo of the "little water" CD

Demo of Ottmar Liebert CD

Demo of Makam Rast CD 1 (of 4)