Hearing perception training (HPT) - devices

Fundamental stimulation and activation of the hearing system

with music or voice from a CD or via microphone

The Hearing perception training (HPT) is an excellent solution for children and adults. The stimulation via the ear is provided by harmonic music (phase A) or speech (phase B).

The HTP is a combination of high pitch training and lateral training. The activation principle is based on the intensivation of the neural activity in the auditory pathway from cochlea to the cerebral cortex. The altered sound pattern (resp. speech within the frame of phase B) provides neural effects that facilitate the development and are strengthened in course of a regular training.

Relaxation and stimulation
Many users utilize the balancing and stimulating effect of the music therapy through the HPT- device only. This stimulation affects the neuronal system via the ear and has an effect on the vegetative, emotional and cognitive system of the human body.

Parallel action
The music therapy acts without attention - head and hands are free for parallel creative or mental activities. Of course  you can also relax.

Children could do their homework or paint, do handicrafts or read (see training plan here).
Adults could have the headphones on and pursue mental work (see training plan for adults here).

The auditive therapy is conducted via headphones (properties of the headphones see here). For infants there is the Sound Pillow at disposal. Adults with hearing loss see here.

HPT - listening to music - (phase A)

HPT home/praxis/standard/spectrum
CD-Player/Discman (incl. in HPT spectrum)
Musik-CD Set (incl. in HPT spectrum).

Application fields:

If there are problems in these areas, only phase A = listening to music will be conducted. If furthermore there are problems in the fields of speech, reading, writing, then it is useful to conduct the HPT training phases A and B.

HPT - speech exercises - (phase B)


HPT home/praxis/standard
Audiobooks (indicated for children from ab 3 years)
Speech excersise folders (Übungsordner). Please use therapeutic material in your language.

Application fields:

Applying the HPT

You can use additional music and text material from other CDs or speak and repeat with the microphone. The spoken words are also transmitted by the HPT- device and heard via the headphones. So, e.g. , consonants are perceived better and speech patterns are more distinctly perceptible.

At the therapeutic praxis:
A few minutes of music therapy applied by the HPT- device at the beginning of a therapy session achieve a higher attentiveness level and the access to memory contents becomes easier. The microphone can be connected, the music lowered or switched off. Verbal exercise with a connected microphone allows a new hearing of previously difficult phonems, syllables, words etc. Due to the intensity of the sound patterns existing perceptual deficits are bridged in the beginning and throughout the therapy new capabilities are integrated continuously.

At home:
A daily listening training of minimum 30 minutes promotes the therapeutic effect entirely.

Always keep in mind that no concentration on the music is necessary. You can concentrate on other activities: relax, have breakfast, read, do creative activities.