Headphones - very important accessory!

The headphones carry the sound close to the ear, so that the listener locates the sound inside the head, not outside in the space.

We recomend to use

Please mind the following:


  • cushions which enclose the ear (don't lie flat on the ear).
  • permeable for sound from the outside (not protective).
  • high wearing comfort, light in weight.
  • do not use in-ear headphones
  • do not use wireless headphones! In most cases the radio transmission is problematic for the transmittance of the special hearing training signals

Technical Details:

  • frequency range: 30 - 26.400 Hz
  • distortion rate: <0,5%% (do not use if not indicated)
  • weight 70 g
  • cable supply (1,2 m)
  • extension cable (5 m)
  • principally other suitable manufacturers: Sennheiser, MB Quart, Bayer Dynamic, AKG

We offer the QP 160 (german maestro) as unchanged version since over 12 years, these headphones fulfil all of our requirements:

  • light, only 70 g
  • very suitable training headphones for HPT phase A and B
  • very suitable for children under 7 years (and for adults)
  • also suitable in the case of tactile sensibility: the headphones-earcup can be removed from the headphone-strap
  • incl. 5 m extension cord with volume control

Delivery contents: headphones, adapter on 6,3 mm jack plug gold-plated, 5 m extension cable with volume control
Order number: QP 160     Price: Shop   

Headphones QP 160

suitable for all HPT- devices

Microphone for speech and reading training in phase B:

Always use electret microphones (condenser microphones). These have a good transmittance for high frequency tones (consonants!). They usually can be recognized for their slim construction. The not recommendable dynamic microphones usually have a conical construction form.

AUDIVA electret microphone

  • established model - used successfully for over 10 years
  • with foam rubber padding for wind and speech protection
  • suitable for all speech applications (phase B Kinder | adults)
  • with integrated cable unloading against contortions
  • foam rubber padding can be reordered from us: Shop

Technical Details: frequency response 50-18000 Hz, 6 m cable, on 6,3mm jack plug, fits directly into HPT home and HPT praxis
Delivery contents: microphone incl. foam rubber padding, tripod holder, battery and description - ready-to-use immediately
Order number: EM 103    Shop

Please order metal base separately:

Microphone table-top tripod
Ensures a secure stand on the table.

Technical Details: Round 10 cm metal base with rubber feet, non-slip stand, height 10 cm (microphone clamp is in delivery contents of the EM 103)
Order number: MS 1     Shop


Further accessories for microphones:

Microphone distributor (3 microphones on one port)  Shop

EM 103 electret microphone

MS 1 suitable table-top tripod

Music provides us with the sound which necessarily has to be harmonic, due to the filtering method, applied by the HPT- device to enhance the effect of music to the brain.

Here you can get more information about the characteristics of the music to be used with the Hearing Perception Training- devices: HPT praxis/home/standard. In the HPT Spectrum the music is already built-in.


CD Player for the HPT

A CD player is required for the HPT praxis/home/standard.

A portable CD player should be without or with switched off anti-shock system, since it reduces the quality of high frequency tones! Reasons: see here.

Please choose brand products like Panasonic, Sony, AEG, Grundig etc.

Connection to a hi-fi equipment: When plugging the connecting cable enclosed into the headphone jack of the hi-fi equipment the speakers need to come off.

Important for HPT standard and RPT/SPT home: The volume of the hearing therapy is adjusted by the volume control of the CD-portable / CD player / hi-fi equipment!

For the HPT spectrum there is no CD player required. The music is already built-in.

If you put the volume too high the HPT praxis/home/standard switches off the headphones for a short period of time and a symbol is displayed in the bottom right corner of the display (HPT praxis/home) resp. a warning sound is generated in the housing (HPT standard).

We have a CD-portable in stock which is type-tested in our laboratory.

At the moment: order no.: CDP 109, Price: Shop

Since we apply music therapeuticallyno media like iPhone, iPod, mobile phones, MP3 player... are suitable.

An analysis of high frequencies from these devices shows distinct losses. See here the holes in the spectrum of MP3 files.

Only exception: save WAV files on the devices and play them. However, mostly this format isn't supported and it uses a lot of storage space (approx. 650MB per CD).


Bone conductor

The bone conductor is mounted on the headphone-carrier.  Wearing the headphons, the bone conductor touches the scalp and transmits the sound into the cranial bone. The head experiences slight vibrations of the music. This is helpful in the case of serious deficits in the speech development, for children with autism or other mental deficiencies and for children with locomotory, body perception and body control deficits. Bone conduction is also applied in the Tomatis hearing therapy and supports the music therapy by the experience of sound with the result that both hearing and sensation are connected.

We use Velcro tape to attach the bone conductor, so it can be moved or removed.

For better fitting, this headphone can be fixed on the head using a headband.

The picture on the right shows the KHS 170 (mono) or KHS 172 (stereo), a combination of QP 160 (headphones) and bone conductor.

The bone conductor headphones KHS 170 and KHS 172 are suitable for the HPT-devices HPT praxis and HPT spectrum.

The use of KHS 170 and KHS 172 in combination with HPT home or HPT standard requires an extra amplifier: EHT 26 (see the picture below)

Connection to the HPT devices (also see in the Overview of all HPT models):

KHS 170 mono version

Suitable for HPT praxis and HPT spectrum.


HPT home

HPT praxis

HPT standard

HPT spectrum



bone conductor connectable via separate amplifier

bone conductor directly connectable

bone conductor connectable via separate amplifier

bone conductor directly connectable


EHT 26:

amplifier already built-in

EHT 26:

amplifier already built-in


you have 3 devices: CD player, HPT home and EHT 26

you have 2 devices: CD player and HPT praxis

you have 3 devices: CD player, HPT standard and EHT 26

you have 1 device: HPT spectrum (music built-in)